Best Solution for Oily Scalp and Dry Ends

Does your hair demand everyday wash? Does your scalp and roots get greasy and your hair ends gets dry? Then you should take immediate care to rebalance your hair. Mostly all hair and body health problems happen due to poor diet, change in hormones, pollution, work stress, use of products that are full of chemicals, etc. Also, washing your hair excessively can damage your hair follicles. So, what do to get rid of oily scalp and dry ends?  

In the current competitive scenario there hardly remains time for personal care. The increasing pollution, dust, and heat are causing visible damages to the body and hair. Everyone today, faces from different types of hair issues but lacks the time to even notice. Multiple hair issues can be seen and heard of. Some of them are hair loss, hair damage, grey hair, greasy hair, split ends, etc. The most common of them is an oily scalp and dry ends. 

Oily scalps are very common as they are the natural oil present on your scalp to nourish the hair. But excessive oil can be a cause of concern because it makes your scalp greasy which attracts the dirt and also causes dandruff. The cause of this excess sebum that makes the hair greasy is caused because of hormonal imbalances, humid weather, and also diet. All these factors can lead you in having oily scalp and dry ends.  And dry ends may lead to hair damage and split ends too. Another related hair problem is thinning hair. Though the conventional reason for thinning hair is due to age there can be other underlying reasons as well. The reasons may be the diet you maintain, your medicines intake, if any, and also some stressful events like major surgery.

How to check oily roots and dry scalp  

But before all, you need to recognize your hair type. If you find your hair is frizzy and rough at the tip and greasy at the end then it can be signs of early damage. At this stage, it becomes tough to find out the exact hair care routine that would work. Having oily scalp and dry ends to your hair can lead to severe hair problems and also can lead to dandruff skin rashes and irritation. The following symptoms can be associated with oily scalp :

1) Oily dandruff 

2) Greasy hair bottom and scalp

3) Sticky and oily hair

4) Itchy scalp. 

Oily scalp and dry ends are mostly seen with people having fine hair. Fine hair leads to having more oil glands in your scalp leading it to become oily and sticky. And the old parts of the hair gets dried and damaged.

Here  are a few factors that lead to oily scalp and dry ends : 

Oily scalp : 

  • Hormones fluctuations in your body can be the result of excessive production of sebum in your scalp.
  • Genetics conditions can also be one major reason. You might have inherited this from your genes.
  • Unhealthy eating habits and diet can also be another reason for such hair condition.
  • Medications are a major reason for such unwanted sebum excess. If you are on birth control pills or any other medications then these unwanted troubles can irritate you.

Dry ends :

  • Too much exposure to the sun, wind, and harsh weather can cause your hair to be excessive dry.
  • Washing off your hair too often and using harsh products.
  • Blow drying and using straighteners and curlers too regularly.
  • Dyeing or using chemical treatments for your hair.

So while the possible causes of having oily scalp and dry ends are mentioned, below are some solutions to treat oily scalps and dry ends :

  • Washing off your hair every day will dehydrate your hair, so it is suggested that you shampoo your hair every 2-3 days and make sure to rinse off your hair twice to effectively remove any grease and follicles.
  • Choose the right shampoo enriched with essential oils and natural ingredients.
  • Take a proper diet to manage your skin and scalp health. Drink plenty of water.
  • Wash your hair properly after exercising or coming back from the gym.

Oily scalp and dry ends also lead to thinning hair. Generally, people with finer hair tend to face such difficulties and if conditions worsen, this can also lead to hair thinning. For those who don't know, thinning hair means minor or major hair loss caused due to various factors. Though the major factor is age and natural hair growth cycle there might be other reasons like your daily habits, genetics, or medications. This can cause baldness in the case of men and tremendous hair loss in the case of women.

Though there are multiple temporary solutions for thinning hair massage, medications, or kitchen treatments there is no guarantee of recovery. Also visiting doctors and taking prescribed medicines are very much costly. One impactful way is wearing hair extensions. This is a perfect and harmless way to add volume and length to your natural hair. Extensions add to your personality and you can wear the style of your choice. 

  • Extensions add volume, thickness, and length to your hair and you can increase the length of your from 12 to 20 inches.
  • Extensions save time and energy. If you don’t have time to spend much on your hair maintenance or don’t want to spend money either, this is an ideal solution.
  • It gives you the liberty to experiment on any hairstyle of your choice. Long hair, short or bobs, you can experiment with any style without worrying about having any type of hair damage.
  • You don't need to let your natural hair undergo the dyeing process and increase the chance of damage. Experiment with any color or highlighter you like with extensions.
  • Through extensions, you can stay in vogue always. Given any situation or any event, you can very easily get yourself ready and go on with whatever look you like.

Hair extensions are in so many ways appropriate for you. So, hurry up and get yourself an extension and keep everyone surprising with your changing looks.