Here are some common questions our awesome clients have before getting their hands on Glo Couture halo extensions. Need more info? Email us at info@glocouture.ca. We’re here to help!
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Want to add a pop of color? Go ahead and get funky! You can absolutely color or tone your halo to match your desired hair look. Here’s a friendly tip: choose a shade closest to your desired color without using bleach, as it can cause damage. Instead, opt for purple shampoo to lighten or tone your extensions. Now you have the power to play with different hues and express your unique style. Just remember to approach coloring with care and seek professional guidance if needed. We want you to achieve stunning results while keeping your hair healthy and happy.
You or your talented stylist can style your Glo Couture halo extensions just like you would your own hair. Why? Because they are crafted from 100% Remy human hair. Whether you want to add texture, create layers, or experiment with different styles, your halo is ready to play along. Feel free to let your artistic flair shine and achieve a perfect blend with your natural locks.
You can curl, straighten, and rock any hairstyle you desire using your favorite hot tools. But hey, here’s a friendly heads-up: if you frequently apply high heat for long periods, it might affect the lifespan of your extensions. We want you to enjoy your fabulous hair for as long as possible, so just keep that in mind.
We can proudly assure you that Glo Couture Halo Extensions are hair-friendly all the way. Unlike some other extension products out there, we’ve got your back—no harm to your hair with us. Forget about those pesky clips, glue, or adhesive that might cause damage. Our secret? It’s all about the adjustable wire, just like a trusty bra strap. It’s a game-changer, let me tell you! You can easily customize the fit to your head in a matter of minutes. No fuss, no stress.

Care and maintenance

Taking care of your Glo Couture halo extensions is a breeze! Just treat them like your own fabulous hair. Wash them with your favorite shampoo and conditioner, and don’t forget to pamper them with a gentle hair dryer. Since they’re made from 100% human Remy hair, there’s no real difference in how you care for them compared to your natural locks. So go ahead and show those extensions some love—they’ll stay fabulous, just like you!
Our adjustable Halo extensions wires are comfortable and easy to fit. Each Halo sits on a comfortable lace with an adjustable wire similar to a bar strap that can be sized to each individual head seamlessly.
The wire on your halo is made from a very strong fishing wire that can withstand a lot of tension but in the event that it snaps, you are provided with an extra wire that is ready made to reattach back onto your halo that is located inside your package. You can always purchase extra wires if you need.
Your halo should rock your world for a solid nine months or even longer. But hold up, there are a few factors that come into play. First off, how often you use your halo and how well you take care of those lovely extensions play a role. Treat them right, and they’ll reward you with lasting beauty. Keep in mind that your halo doesn't get the same nutrients as your natural hair because it's not attached to the root. Factors like heat styling frequency come into play and can affect how long your halo stays at its best.
Take them off and hang them up before hitting the hay. It’s super simple, and it helps preserve your personalized style. So, before you snuggle up for a good night’s sleep, gently remove your halo extensions and give them a safe place to hang. When you wake up, you can effortlessly slip them back on, ready to rock the day. No worries if you happen to doze off with them on - it won’t affect you or your halo.
When it comes to swimming, we recommend taking off your Glo Couture halo extensions. Here’s why: since they’re not attached to your natural hair with clips or glue, they rely on the weight of your own locks to stay in place. Gravity works its magic, holding your halo snugly on your head. However, water activities can change the game. Swimming might cause the halo to lift off your head due to the effects of gravity. To ensure your halo stays secure and maintains its flawless style, it’s best to leave it behind while you take a dip.


All the hair we use at Glo Couture is ethically sourced! We believe in doing things right, and that means ensuring the hair we use comes from responsible and fair practices. You may be wondering where some of our hair comes from. Well, it’s all sourced from India, where amazing women voluntarily participate in a traditional head-shaving ritual. They then sell or donate this hair at a fair price. In the hair industry, this special hair is affectionately known as “temple hair.” It’s not just about style; it’s about embracing a mindful approach. We’re proud to say that ethically sourced hair is not only good for people but also kind to the environment. From start to finish, we handle and treat the hair with care and consciousness. So, when you choose Glo Couture, you’re not only getting fabulous hair, but you’re also supporting a brand that values ethics and the environment. It’s a win-win for everyone involved! Rock your gorgeous locks with confidence, knowing that your hair is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Join us in making a positive impact, one strand at a time.
Let’s talk about Remy hair, the real deal for all you hair enthusiasts out there! When we say Remy, we mean we’re talking about hairpieces and wigs made from genuine human hair, with the cuticle still intact. No fakes or synthetics here! Now, what sets Remy hair apart from other human hair wigs is that when we collect it, we make sure the cuticle remains intact. Why is that a big deal? Well, it’s what gives Remy hair its superpowers! Having the cuticle intact means you’re getting hair that’s full of natural goodness. It’s like having those protective layers of awesomeness still intact. So, when you rock Remy hair, you’re rocking top-quality strands that are as close to your own hair as it gets. With Remy hair, you can unleash your creativity and style with confidence. You’re not just getting any old wig or hairpiece; you’re getting the crème de la crème, the real deal. So, remember, if they’re Remy, they’re top quality. It’s time to level up your hair game with Glo Couture and experience the magic of Remy hair firsthand. Get ready to slay!