7 Daily Habits to Practice for Healthy Hair

Maintaining healthy habits is very much beneficial for your daily lives. This can be challenging but once you implement it in your everyday routine, it can be beneficial for your physical, mental as well as emotional well being. Healthy habits include eating healthy foods, proper exercising, and non-addiction, etc.

Maintaining healthy habits can have multiple benefits :

Healthy habits help you prevent illness and diseases.  Having a proper diet and exercising keeps your heart healthy and also keeps your BP in control. Having a balanced diet, proper sleep, and regular exercise also boost up your energy.

Did you know that your mood largely depends on your food habits and physical activities? The more you exercise and eat healthy food, the more your mood lifts.

Healthy habits also increase longevity. A regular walk for an hour every day lessens your chances of premature death.

In the above, you can see how healthy habits can lead to you having a healthy life. They may seem challenging at first but with the passing time, they will become part of your daily routine.  Similarly to maintain beautiful healthy hair, you need proper habits to maintain as well. 

Having long flowing hair is considered beautiful and attractive.  Having long, thick, and healthy hair is a coveted choice for women for ages.  There are some lucky few who have been blessed by their genes and possess naturally glowing healthy hair. But for the rest, you all have to undergo certain healthy hair habits.  Healthy hair habits can be anything like eating healthy food for hair growth or working on homemade DIY recipes for your hair.  

Women nowadays are preoccupied with the length of their hair rather than health. But, when you start caring for the health of your hair, the length would automatically come. Hair is one of the delicate parts of our body which needs special care. If you see that your routine is causing possible damage to your hair, then it is time to change things up. 

Below are mentioned some healthy hair habits that you should practice to have strong healthy hair:

1)Take care of your scalp as much as your hair:  For beautiful hair, you must take care of your scalp as well. If you are dealing with dandruff, consult your dermatologist and talk about your symptoms immediately. Shampoo your hair regularly. It is suggested to use herbal shampoo. It strengthens your hair roots. Also, you can use a product that has salicylic acid in the ingredients to exfoliate flakes away. 


2)Chalk out a post-workout routine for yourself:  Your hair tends to get sweaty and oily post-exercise. So shampooing is very much essential to avoid further hair issues. So, you need to plan on a different way to refresh your sweaty roots after workouts. Go for dry shampooing. Or else you can try the locker room conditioner which helps you wash your hair without shipping strands.  

 3)Create a healthy hair diet:  Proper food diet can work magic on your hair giving you healthy and thicker hair. Include food in your diet that is rich in proteins because your hair is mostly made up of protein.  With a proper diet,  if you eat the right food for hair growth you can have noticeable changes in your hair. Foods rich in protein help hair grow faster and also strengthen hair roots. 


4)Stressless:  The best thing you can do to your hair is just relaxed. Stressing is very harmful to your overall body and always shows up in your skin and hair too. So, it is suggested to reduce your stress as much as possible to have long healthy and flowing hair.

 5)Get a regular massage:  Regular massages are very important for having strong healthy hair. Massage your scalp every night before going to bed for it stimulates the hair follicles and strengthens hair roots. Research and buy healthy hair oil for massage. Oil massage is very important for the proper nourishment of the hair.


6)Trim your hair regularly:  You need to have regular haircuts for your hair to remain healthy. Cut off those damaged ends to protect the entire length. And if you are not interested in chopping larger strands, just trim it at least. Trimming will help you get rid of the damaged ends while maintaining the length as well.  Trim your hair every four months. Regular trimming also helps hair grow faster. 

7)Protect from the sunThe UV rays coming from the sun can dry your locks too making them dry and brittle. Avoid exposing your hair outside and try to wear a hat every time you go out. And if you are visiting a beach for a sunbath then always maintain a bun. And when you are back home, apply healthy hair oil for proper nourishment caused by the damage.  Oil provides food for hair growth and helps the scalp prevent dryness.


One famous hairstylist had quoted “ you should treat your hair like it is a cashmere sweater.” And it is no wrong. Your hair, if maintained properly can add 70 percent to your beautiful looks, and no wonder who does not like long hair? The health of your hair is more important than its length. Start focusing on its health. Eat proper food for hair growth, get trimmed regularly, stress less and in less time you are flaunting healthy hair to envy for.