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I Got Hair Extensions — And Here's What I Learned

Long hair, don't care!

On a daily basis, I don't consider my hair all that much. If you pressed me to describe it, I would probably say it's normal, kind of on the thin side, but not falling out or anything. And that is okay! I work from home, and if I need to go to Starbucks I throw it into a ponytail — until recently, at least.

I recently got invited to bartend on a show called Watch What Happens Live to promote my new book. I started watching the show and the main thing I noticed was that every single woman on it had amazing hair. Like, crazy Rapunzel hair, so I couldn't shake the feeling that my limp locks were going to look pretty pathetic next to their flowing, shampoo-ad hair.

After all, like most people, my hair when I wake up in the morning doesn't look like a Victoria's Secret model's:




When I asked a friend who always has beautiful mermaid hair how she does it, she looked at me bewildered and replied, "You know I have extensions, right?" No, I did not know! I didn't realize this was a thing that people other than Britney Spears were getting done.

Once I decided to try it, I was initially nervous — what if they looked fake or overdone? Thankfully, hair extensions have come a long way since the days of unrealistic clip-ons. And fortunately, Carter Todd, one of the extension specialists at John Barrett Salon in New York City, was able to give me a set that looked glamorous and completely natural.

First, we met for a consultation where we talked about what we'd like to do with my hair. At the consultation, we decided to make my hair just a tad longer, about two or three inches longer, and considerably fuller. He matched the extensions to my natural hair color and texture and decided to tape them in rather than bonding them, as it leaves the hair more malleable. You can have them woven or glued in, which takes longer and costs more, though it also lasts three or four months.

When I went back after a week to have them applied, I was a little surprised by how easy the process was. About an inch's width worth of hair was attached to a transparent piece of tape and then Todd applied the tape high up on my own scalp, so I could still rock a ponytail. Suddenly, I had that oh-so-long Disney Princess hair I have always dreamed of. So when Todd mentioned that he had to cut it to make it blend naturally with my own hair I almost felt like grabbing it, protectively. However, it did, as he claimed, look much better and more natural once it was cut. When he was finished, it looked amazing.